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The Benefits of the Kola Nut

Native to the rainforests of Africa the Kola tree produces a nut that is high in caffeine making it useful in both food and medicine. The word cola, as in Cape Cola, is derived from the word Kola. Early African tribes, such as those in Nigeria, have known about the benefits and “power” of the Kola nut  for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The nut when chewed starts out bitter and becomes sweeter after a while of chewing.

Many cola producers today use an articial Kola flavouring to reduce or avoid the levels of caffeine in their drinks or food. However, the kola nut, even with its almost potent levels of caffeine does have a number of benefits and that is why Cape Cola prefer to use it in their drinks.

The natural wake-me-up

The Kola nut is first and foremost not addictive. The nut is a source of natural benefits and is a superb natural stimulant. With up to 2% caffeine, the Kola nut has more caffeine than a coffee been. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that works within the central nervous system and muscular tissues. The kola nut is there for good for stimulating the cardiac muscles, fighting fatigue thus keeping you alert and focused.

The natural digestion assistant

The Kola nut helps with both nutrient intake and digestion. By simply chewing on a kola nut to release its goodness bowel issues, bloating, cramping and other gastrointestinal problems are reduced or eased. The indigineous tribes in the parts of Africa where the kola trees grow have known this for many centuries and still use the kola nut for stomach-aches and other illnesses.

Natural immune booster

The kola nut is not the only part of the kola tree that has amazing properties, the leaves, sap and bark of the tree are all used in natural medicines.  Fighting off infection or boosting the imune system in today’s polluted world is a problem everyone faces. The Kola Nut, with its unique and potent compounds has amazing bacteria fighting abilities. Not only can the kola nut boost your general immune system but it has been proven to help fight some of the most difficult to treat and life threatneing diseases known to man. Bronchitis, meningitis, and tuberculosis have all been eased or cured with kola extract in many patients.

Kola Nut: A Cure for Cancer

It is a bold statement but early research is showing that some of the phytoestrogens and phytoandrogens found in the Kola Nut are helping fight Prostate Cancer. The medicinal property of the Kola Tree and the Kola Nut have long been known and appreciated. Modern medicine is able to extract the phytoestrogens and phytoandrogens and combine them or make them solely the treatment for cancer.

Kola Nut helps you lose weight

Just as boosting energy and fighting illness are top priorities today so wieghtloss is also a priority. It is well known that caffeine is a natural appetite suppresesent and thus the kola nut automatically helps on one side of the weight loss equation. The kola nut is also a natural fat burner in the body, studies show that this is perhaps due to a number of health benefits combined that simply increase the ability to burn fat.

Blood pressure redution

The Kola Nut stimulates the heart muscles and in doing so has the effect of reducing high blood presure. Again, African tribes have known this for many years and the Kola Nut or Kola Nut extract is now becoming more widely used and is showing some remarkable results. Improved blood pressure is linked to a number of other illnesses and thus the Kola nut is a great deal more useful than many imagine. NB Consult a medical professional before pursuing an active kola nut addition to your diet if you are sensitive to caffeine or are already on high blood pressure medication

Primarily the Kola Nut was used as flavouring in drinks, depsite it being known for its health benefits. Cape Cola know understand the benefits and capabilities of the Kola Nut and use it as both a flavourant in its drinks and for some of the other benefits.

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