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Limes in a Cola?

Limes are not small, green lemons. Limes are a hybrid citrus fruit loaded with vitamin C that have higher levels of sugar and acids than lemons. Lime juice tastes distinctly different to that of lemons and limes themselves have many health and other benefits. Some of these benefits include:

Aids Digestion

Limes smell and taste wonderful and this causes your mouth to produce saliva and saliva aids primary digestion. So, before a lime has even started to work on its benefits it delivers something and then the acidity of the lime does the rest. The acid breaks down the food and makes it more digestible.  Ever wondered why a lime pickle is often served with a curry?  Now you know.

Diabetic Super Food

Limes, among other citrus fruits are superb foods for diabetics. Limes are very high in soluble fibre making them a dietary aid that regulates the levels of sugar absorbed into the bloodstream by the body. Through this process, spikes in blood sugar levels are reduced. Complementing this Limes have a low glycaemic index and thus glucose spikes can be reduced or avoided.


Arthritis is partly caused by a build up of Uric acid. Through normal urination, this waste product will quite literally be flushed away but when it builds up inside the body it can increase the inflammation and pain of arthritis making it worse. Limes are a solution to this dilemma thanks to their high levels of citric acid. Citric acid is a natural solvent and will dissolve uric acid and thus increased of excessive amounts are removed from urine, reducing the reaction of the arthritis.

Reduced Inflammation

It sounds strange but limes are actually alkaline in the body, they may taste acidic but in the body they are not. Being alkaline, limes are excellent at reducing a variety of inflammatory disorders.

Natural Heartburn remedy

Lime juice, because it is Alkaline in the body is a superb heartburn treatment. Just a teaspoon or two of lime juice can take heartburn away.

Relief from a sore throat

The anti-inflammatory properties of limes make them excellent solutions for a sore throat. A 50:50 mix of water and lime juice when gargled brings almost instant relief to a sore throat. For improved relief adding a pinch of salt makes this the almost perfect remedy. Singers will often gargle lime juice before a performance – maybe singers should try a Cape Cola?

Good for the scalp

In Cape Cola lime juice adds flavour, gives a good kick of vitamin C and brings a variety of health benefits. Limes have long been used in other ways other than cooking. One such way limes have been used is on the scalp and for washing hair. Lime juice is a great treatment of dandruff, the juice removes oil from oily hair and promotes hair growth. We are not saying that because Cape Cola contains real lime juice that you should shower with it but the taste may well put some hairs on your chest!

Limes have thousands of properties and uses from medicinal to cooking to cleaning. Limes have a unique flavour and the fact that they have so many benefits this is why Cape Cola uses them in its production.

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