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Regional Rootedness

The love for Cape Town and its people comes naturally. We just can’t help it. Now, we want to give back some of the beauty and happiness we receive in our lives.

It is our goal to achieve a real and sustainable impact for our region by

  • using locally grown ingredients rather than importing them (wherever possible)
  • to create labor in our communities
  • to build sustainable structures rather than profits.

Therefore, we collaborate with regional partners which share or vision and values.

Creating our tincture

Parceval was introduced to us in mid 2015 and we immediately connected. Soon we found more common ground on shared values. Parceval has been on our site from the beginning and developed the unique tincture for our Cape Cola flavor. Their knowledge is invaluable to our vision of a fair taste.

Developing the syrup

Fruition became a valuable partner for our journey, we have been working very closely together to develop our syrup. Their innovative approach and seamless efforts helped Cape Cola become a reality. We are looking forward to create more great flavors to add to our Cape Cola family.

Filling the bottles

Picardie allowed us to grow by using their facilities to bottle the very first batch of Cape Cola. They have been a tremendous help and support. The spring water quality is outstanding and is a very important recourse for us.

Neil Patterson became a strategic partner for our bottling requirements as we quickly increased our production. Their bottling facilities are ideal for our needs. No job too is small for them, with opportunities to grow our along side with them.