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Natural Flavour

Why Cape Cola and what makes it’s so special? Cape Cola is not just named after our beautiful home town, it also carries the name of one of our main ingredients, Kola Nut. These five ingredients are part of the unique flavor of Cape Cola. Fresh from local suppliers into the bottle.


Cape Cola Natural Flavour LimesA small experiment: Think of a slice of lime! Mouth watering, isn’t it? This little but powerful fruit brings some refreshing taste to our Cape Cola.

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Honeybush in Cape ColaWe only add the best what the Cape has to offer. Honeybush gives Cape Cola an extra dose South Africa and is an important ingredient to lower the sugar content in Cape Cola with its natural honey flavor.

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Cape Cola GingerWhether as an addition in coffee and tea or as the base for Ginger Ale. Ginger is definitely a classic spice, with it’s warming and aromatic, yet refreshing flavor, it creates a nice balance between the other ingredients.

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Mate in Cape ColazZz… Tired? Luckily there is enough caffeine in our Cape Cola. Mate brings you the needed kick start during the day. Have lekker day.

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Kola Nut

Cape Cola Natural Flavour Kola NutCola without Kola Nut? Impossible! From the heart of our continent, the rainforests of central Africa, comes this beautiful fruit. In Kola Nut we trust!

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