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Social Responsibility

Cape Cola´s vision is also a vision of creating opportunities for the once that don´t have access to the facilities and networks we have. Such as education, health care, reliable transport and most importantly work to support themselves. As a company we see it as our responsibility that our future employees and their families have access to the above mentioned. We want to give opportunities to those which are usually called “undesirable” for the labor market. Furthermore, our vision is that we want to support others to follow their visions and passions to achieve their goals. Our plan is, with each bottles sold we will donate a percentage to a good cause.

Alexandra Hospital

Alexandra Hospital - Cape Cola

Alexandra Hospital is a speciality hospital servicing Clients with Intellectual Disability ranging from the ages of 18 years and older. They have clients with different levels of functioning. The clients have difficulties in different spheres of life. They have developmental delays and all their milestones are delayed.

The setting is an institution that focuses on the rehabilitation of clients living with Intellectual Disability. The core focus of the Occupational Therapy department is to provide a quality of life that they would get in the society if they were to live in the community.

Alexandra Hospital focus on training clients to become independent in self-help skills that encourages independence. They have a Vocational Area where the clients work on a daily basis on different contracts to expose them to Vocational Skills for possible placement in the community.

The clients are also taken on different outings to provide them with the opportunity to practise the skills that they have been exposed to in the Occupational Therapy interventions.

The main belief of Occupational Therapy is that all Intellectually Disabled have so much potential if only given the opportunity to prove themselves and that is what we as a department provides them with.

The Alexandra Hospital is giving us a helping hand by labeling our bottles. Their work is paid by us and contributes towards the Client Fund. This extra income allows them to go on excursions and explore the beauty of our City.